Superbowl is not my thing…

So it’s the last fifteen minutes of Superbowl Sunday and I am watching the end of the Miracle Day season of Torchwood.  I’m not a football person but I love chicken wings and fried food so any excuse to make with the goodies makes me happy. Of course being a healthy girl these days I had baked crispy wings with sirracha and baked oregano fries crisped in the broiler. Complete heaven.

Funny part of today was after half time with the conspiracy theories my family was spouting about why the electricity went out during the Superbowl. I mean general electrical issues are just too rational right? Also the fact that someone changed the channel to How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days while the technical difficulty was being sorted. People are strange. 

Anyway I have a bit of a life update, Prince is dating the girl he’s been sleeping with overseas. They are breaking it off (99% likely) when he graduates and goes somewhere else for graduate school/job. I was very upset when I first heard but it doesn’t effect me really when you think about it. More and more I’m coming to the conclusion that I need to make an effort to get over him. If we’re both single at some point in our late 20’s maybe something will happen but obviously not now; or any point soon…

Just makes me a bit sad. I finally find someone that I can’t get out of my head and I have no way to claim them. Goddess help me forget him or at least feel less for him so that we do not compare every man to a Prince.

~The Girl

My favorite food (currently)

I never thought I would ever be a salad person, and I still don’t technically think of myself as one, but my favorite food at the moment is a salad. I call it the springy salad.

Springy Salad

1 whole apple cut into chunks

1/3 of a cucumber cut into chunks

1/2 cup of baby spinich

1/2 cup of romain

1 tablespoon red wine vinegar 

salt and pepper to taste

Mix all together and eat!

It makes me happy and apparently skinny which doesn’t hurt. 

Looooooooooove it

~ The Girl

Taste Test

 Tonight I’m going to a party at the house of a mutual friend of my mom and I who is hosting a Mexican/guacamole contest party. This means lots of awesome food and margaritas. This makes me an extremely happy girl. I am always up for taste testing and drinking can only make it better.


~ The Girl


 Went to get a breakfast sandwich this morning and bought an apricot granola muffin on a whim. Remembered it two hours ago.


~ The Girl

And now we celebrate…

  Today I got an awesome steak dinner, courtesy of the ‘rents. It was delicious. The two Dos XX didn’t hurt either. God I love beer. It’s funny that I am finally celebrating my birthday. The actual day gained such a taint because of how the very next day my ex sent me that facebook message that started the last two weeks of hell. It did get me to start a tumblr though as a way to get it all out. Not sure if that is a bad thing. I mean it’s not a good thing… maybe I’m just finally joining my peers. I refuse to join twitter though. That whole thing just sounds insane.

  My wonderful little brother also wanted to see “Fast Five” so we made it a family thing. Good movie, action movies are always better on the big screen and it was nice not having to pay. I have to agree with the review of it that 365 put up but as I love cars, car chases, explosions, and people getting their ass kicked I liked it even more. Tthe whole film was a very fun ride. The cars were beautiful. My brother kept whispering to me about this car or that and I was stuck thinking vroom, pretty. Sexy, sexy cars and the sound effects guy must have had so much fun on the engine noises.

  One critique of the movie though, someone on that set should have been watching continuity. In the final big car chase O’Connor’s wind shield gets shot through twice and a guy lands on it causing the whole thing to crack so that you couldn’t see through it. The production team seemed to forget about this while filming because after that happened O’Conner’s wind sheild either had to bullet wounds in the wrong spot or looked perfect; no one remembered the guy falling on it. Also his back window got shot out but since the car wasn’t shot too much from behind that wasn’t as glaring an inconsistency.

  See I learned something being a film major ;P

~The Girl

Another school year over

  At the end of the day I have half a closet full of boxes, a bubble filled magic eight ball, and a kitchen supply box covered in two black plastic bags. My roommate and I had fun bagging it as we had to double bag it cause we didn’t have “magnum” garbage bags. We are sure the table is on birth control though.

  I am also on a carbohydrate overload. Too much pasta.

  I have way too much stuff. I have less clothing than every other girl I know and yet I still have way too much stuff. I need to throw crap out. Also I’d like to point out that my college does not talk about the news. I found out about the earthquake in Japan from my mom a week later and about Osama from someones tumblr. There is a problem with that. Most likely that I should start watching the news… ;P

  Tomorrow I need to get one last awesome hazelnut latte from Thinking Cup on Tremont across from the the Common and to the left of the AMC Loews Movie Theater. I put in all this detail because EVERYONE SHOULD GO THERE!!! This is a shameless plug but that place is awesome. They make an awesome cup of coffee, bake all the tasty pastries in the store, and make very good sandwiches. Now they are not cheap but they are worth it. Super tasty and everyone is so nice. It’s everything Starbucks wishes it was.

~The Girl

Why can’t I keep my big mouth shut…

  So I got my answer about what had been up with us. I went on aim and he said I was headed in a direction and he would hold me down (bullshit is what I said to that one). Then he made more sense by saying we were getting too complicated and that we were doing everything wrong. Still annoying but I can handle it. Best part is he is confused as to why I am upset or hurt or whatever and I tried to tell him I just am.

  Also the conversation got to me telling him how I had been thinking too much and didn’t eat for a few days. He freaked out. Said now he felt guilty and was I trying to get him to be with me out of guilt more or less. This is what I get for being truthful. Whatever he thinks he’s being a good friend by over reacting. It’s kind of sweet in an annoying way as nothing happened. I just forgot to eat for three days due to thinking and emotional stress. I didn’t need the food. I got over it (as evidence by the mega large bowl of pasta, garlic, butter, and cheese I just consumed).

  I did get something done today though. I have successfully packed up all of my things (other than the kitchen stuff). It looks very depressing in large black trash bags. By the way I do not endorse cheep black trash bags as they are prone to ripping (I had to triple bag some of my clothes).

  Uggg I WANT MEAT!!! This not buying food has forced me to be a vegetarian some days. I am a carnivore so this is not cool. When my mom comes to pick me up on Friday I’m going to ask for a burger. A big, moist, juicy, thick, medium burger on good bread slathered with onions, cheddar cheese, mushrooms, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, ketchup, and mayo. It will be very satisfying. I feel like I just described a sex scene… weird.

~The Girl

Thoughts on a day

  Today was pretty cool. Other than the fact that I forgot to bring my books to an open book final exam no major blunders. Also my room mate and her friend were passing by the discard tubs in our dorm and noticed a bag of unopened jumbo snickers bars and Oreo minis, SCORE! Although I’m feeling kind of pensive and I don’t really want to eat the other half of my snickers.

  I’m no longer feeling up in the air or anything like I was the last two weeks but I still have some unanswered questions for the boy. We’ve decided to be friends and I’m completely cool with that, the only thing is part of me still wants to know what it was that railroaded us. Not a crazy big deal but I’d like to know. That way I can start my summer with nothing weighing on my mind. He did say we could hang out again… maybe I’ll text him and see whats up tomorrow or Thursday. I would feel better about waiting a week between awkward conversations but I’m leaving for home on Friday. I should probably do that.

  Also, I just realized that I watched so much The Nanny  this year that I’ve almost seen every episode. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing but it has been quite entertaining. Oh and I did start that Sleeping Beauty idea but it wasn’t flowing so I think I’m going to put in on the back burner for a while. This is why I could never be a writer, I have to feel it. I’d never make any money. Though, I have almost finished my erotica short story. I stopped a few days ago because the guy started to sound like you know who but I think I can safely go back to it now without reminiscing.

  Ugh, I’m not going to be getting any this summer. Not from lack of options but I don’t think anyone else is going to seriously get me going for a while. I’m going to be emotionally unavailable with no outlet unless I get really drunk and run into some dark haired guy with a thing for vests and guitars at a party. Then I may have some sloppy make outs. A hot girl would also work in that regard but I’m going to be nooky less. This is why they invented porn and baths. ;P

  Count down two days to home!!!

~The Girl

Shake it up

  So I had a small bottle of tequila and decided to make something for my friends. I made alcoholic smoothies. They were awesome.

Frozen Pineapple Tequila Smoothies

- 2 quarters of a can of pineapple chunks plus the juice

- one tray of ice cubes (about 12 cubes)

- a tall glass of orange juice

- 2 quarters of a small bottle of tequila (I went with Jose Cuervo Silver)

- most of a small bottle of grenadine


Cold, sweet, peppery, and oh so delicious. Very Summery. Also good as a virgin drink since one of my friends doesn’t drink.

Well I guess I’ll go to bed now.

~The Girl


  Okay drama over. Friends. I like that. We can be friends. The sun is shining and I can still be friends with an awesome ex. My girls won’t be happy about it but they just get mad when I’m driven crazy. I guess praying works, or the universe still likes me. Well tonight I’m going to thank my lucky stars and go eat some fantastic Puerto Rican food. I’ve been craving. Also I’m going to make slamming frozen tequila sunrises. Good beginning to a finals week. Thank you Goddess.

~The Girl